What is a GoPro Drone?

Well for anyone who does not have a fair idea about what actually a GoPro Drone is, here comes a formal definition – An unmanned quadcopter, that can be operated using a remote and comes with a fitting to attach a GoPro camera underside of a mounting bracket.

A Go Pro is nothing but a miniature camera that can be mounted to any device, enabling hands-free video coverage. This GoPro facility was earlier used only with militants for aerial surveillance in conflict prone areas, but is now made available to the civilians too at an affordable cost. This also has the FPV (First Person Feature) feature attached to it, which enables one to fly their GoPro device with an attached device like a laptop, mobile or any other remote control device. This gives a realistic feeling of flying a drone with a visual point of view.

Best GoPro Mount Drones in Market:

There are a lot of drones for sale | USD in the market that features the GoPro mount. Some of the best in the market include the AKASO X5C and the PARROTBOP DRONE.

Akaso X5C Review:

Whether you are looking out for a drone for hobby or for professional use, this drone fully satiates the desire. With improved durability features and advanced protectors it offers the best value for money. For anyone with a question as to can Akaso X5C fly well?! [? The answer is an assured yes. The unique features include:

* Propeller Protectors

* Easy controls and Maneuvers

* Camera Setup included

* Quick Configuration

While it has a lot of add on features attached to it, it also has a few drawbacks that includes a low quality of video and a short battery life. But for a first time flyer, this proves to be the right choice and worth for the money spent.

Parrot Bebop Drone review I:

It is a rather small drone with fully packed up features making it the smallest yet powerful one in the market. It includes 4 brushless outrunner motors, an HD camera along with a decent capacity li-polymer battery, gimbal Stabilization (3 Axis), GNSS location tracker (a similar feature like a GPS Tracker) and a whole lot of sensors. It

has dual batteries with a flying time of 11 minutes per battery and totally giving a flying time of 22 minutes in total with both the batteries fully charged.

The parrot bebop is known for designing some lightweight and very flexible drones that enables easy carrying and mobility of the drone. This feature makes it highly portable with excellent add-on features at an affordable cost.


There are many drone lovers with various desires about the drones/quadcopters that they plan to purchase and the one question that ponders their mind is where could I find my drone with GOPRO mount and the best solution is to spend some quality time on the net surfing for some really good options that would suit your interest and budgets.