DIRT BIKES and Other Popular Kids’ Ride-ons

One main problem with the current generation is how much less of a time they spend outside playing in the dirt and having some real fun. Rather than sitting glued in front of the TV, getting out and getting into some real adventure games is essential for kids of every age group. To make things interesting, popular brands are taking kids’ ride-ons to the next level with finely detailed scaled versions of DIRT BIKES, ATVs and other range of adventure rides. With some cool features and slick styling and body paints, these can surely get the kids to put their gaming consoles down and get out and really play.

If you thought trikes are just for kids, think again. The [RAZOR] DTX Drift Trike is sure to impress kids and adults alike as it is just so much fun. The heavy-duty construction and tough steel frame offer a sturdy and controlled ride. This is great for downhill drifting. Designed ideally for kids over 14 years, it can take a maximum load of 198lb. The 32lb lightweight body offers sleek handling. The front pneumatic tire is 20” large and the twin rear wheels are 10”. The bucket seat is also adjustable to offer extra comfort for the rider. The platform pedals are positioned to conveniently access from the seats.

If you are looking for dirt bikes, my Razor (MX350) is HQ! Designed for the younger teens 13 years or older, this is a beginner level dirt bike. It comes with a 350W motor powered by a 24V battery system which is rechargeable. And a full charge can offer a 30minutes ride time. The steady steel construction, high torque motor, large knobby tires all make a rugged easy to handle dirt bike. The acceleration control is a hand throttle with twist grip.

For younger kids, dune racers are great choices. And this red Power-Wheels Dune (Racer) from Fisher Price is a good one for kids in the 3 to 6 year old category. The perky addition in this is the additional seat for an extra passenger besides the driver. So, your kids could take their friends along for a fun ride. The traction system of the race is specially designed to ride smooth on a variety of surfaces like wet grass or even a rough rugged terrain. There is a provision for parents to lock the top speed to 2.5mph till the kid gets the knack of the controls. Later, the lock can then be taken off to allow maximum speeds up to 5mph. The responsive braking system offers extra safety.

With all the features and ease of handling, to start with, electric ATV is great gift for kids!! There are ATVs for younger kids designed so as to allow very low maximum speeds and remote shut down features as well. For the older kids and teens, dirt bikes make good choices. Besides being fun, they also help them learn to balance and coordination. Outdoor sports are beneficial to kids in multiple ways and that is why you should encourage them to get to play.