Assessing the best pocket knives

Choosing the best pocket knives can be difficult, especially in today’s market where there are so many options available. Pocket knives are meant to be carried around on a regular basis. The basic feature has to be concealment and lightweight. Pocket knives can serve a host of purposes like opening cans, cutting ropes / cardboards, cooking etc., They can also come in handy for self defence. Many companies offer the best pocket knives , you may have to assess them based on your requirement and the budget. This will help you invest in one that will serve it’s purpose for a long time.


Here is a look at two pocket knives and an assessment of their features.

1095 cro-van steel

1095 cro-van steel comes from the well knownKa-Bar knives Inc., who are well known for their hard blades. These blades have a great finish and much power, they are high carbon steel blades. They can perform as good as a machete. 1095 cro-van steel is the marketing name of 50100B (AISI designation), their earlier version of 1095 was a great hit in the markets. Hence they chose to keep it as part of the current product’s name. Although it is similar on many counts to 1095, it has a Chromium and Vanadium finish. It appears as though it is a combination of 1095 and O1, both earlier successful models from the same company. Since they are not stainless steel, they could corrode when left with moisture and used in wet places. Many of Ka-Bar’s products use this handmade blade. They can perform a lot of functions effectively. The blade is absolutely light, has an even finish and powerful. The pocket knives from Ka-bar use 1095 cro-van steel use a durable coating such as powder coat used on ESEE knives which prevents rust.

Spyderco pm2

Spyderco pm2 is an ideal pocket knife for it’s performance and design. They are known names amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Spyderco pm2 is used by military forces who rough it out in camps. It is a tactical knife built to be carried everyday. They are extremely light weight and the length is 4-13”/16” when closed. The overall length of this pocket knife is 8-9/32”. The handle is big enough to provide the right grip, it has a G-10 texture finish. The blade is made of CPM-S30V which lends an even grain finish to the blade. The blade is sharper, powerful and durable. This is a foldable model, which enhances the concealment feature which is critical for pocket knives.


Pocket knives come in handy for self-defence. If you are a frequent traveller with kids, you may have to stock up fruits and bread. This pocket knife can be used in this simple situation as well. One thing you need to keep in mind is that maintaining the knife is important. If you leave it wet and with grime and dirt, there are chances that the blade may corrode. Both the above products reviewed above are ideal pocket knives.