An Overview of the Escort Max 360 and Passport 8500

There are choices galore with an array of features for radar detectors/ cheap detectors this year. A radar detector must fulfil certain standards when it comes to the performance of the device in detection, alert functions, and control features.

Driving safely and observantly is an important requirement and a good radar detector helps towards this goal. Considering the fact, that every driver puts his own life and that of others on the road with him at risk, choosing the best radar detectors/ cheap detectors is fast becoming a necessity these days.

The Escort Max 360 radar detector:

In the recent times, any review without the mention of the Escort Max 360 seems to be incomplete and inadequate. The Max 360 from Escort comes with a built-in Bluetooth which makes the driver gain access to the Escort live app and thereby real-time ticket-protection network. Apart from the usual radar and laser signals, the driver with the Max 360 is warned in

adequate time of other threats in the area, an access to the speed limit data in the area and other alarms like red-light cameras and speeding traps.

The Escort Max 360 is a high-end model and any the total Escort Max 360 Radar Detector review!! Will tell you this. But, the Max 360 performs wonderful functions like filtering out false alerts at a greater precision and giving directional alerts.

This is probably the only radar detector where the alert issued from the device warns of you the direction of the radar. The arrows change colour as per the type of radar bands detected.

The Escort max 360 is considered a hot favourite despite being pricey, and it certainly fits the bill for “my best radar detector 2016 has MADE IT!?” for many of the top reviews for radar detectors in 2016. It continues to dominate the top position at least in the current year.

Advantages of a good radar detector:

There are many of us who think that these electronic devices are just helpful in avoiding the hassles of a speeding ticket. A good radar detector does this and more. It is a modern gadget that helps you to drive safely. Every alert and warning issued makes the driver more careful and observant. It does not support any rash or reckless driving. Instead it is increasingly seen more as a tool for road and driving safety.

The Escort Passport 8500:

This compact model from Escort is cheaper than many of its competitors in its functional capabilities. And in terms of the pricing, performance and long list of features accompanying it, the Escort 8500 does a good job. It is sensitive to all 3 radar bands. The device has a select automatic mode to filter out false signals with an initial audio warning, followed by visual alerts.

Where to buy: the Best radar detector for the money?!?

If money is not an issue, then the Escort Max 360 is a good choice. When you have budget constraints, it is best to look at other models which have some good functions and work well in tough conditions. There are some good deals available online and you only have to scout for them.