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Jordan Seiler





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Romisa Sakaki

31.03 – 23.04 2016


BR1 · Sacro e Profano

28.04 – 28.05 2016


Vermibus · Unveiling Beauty

02.06 – 09.07 2016

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OPEN WALLS is a unique and internationally renowned gallery space that focuses on Public Art. In addition to our actual commitment as a gallery, we offer services such as guided gallery tours and street art tours, as well as workshops and art consulting.

Elodie Bellanger and Guillaume Trotin are the French couple behind the OPEN WALLS idea. Former joint curators of the renowned West Berlin Gallery and the infamous Stattbad Wedding, they started OPEN WALLS in 2012 and both have a strong passion for further developing the terms and ideologies of Public Art, and have an in-depth knowledge of every artist they represent. They also openly encourage discussion and advice with anyone seeking further guidance in this field in regards to acquisitions and collections.

In addition to our website, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook where you can see many images of the artists we represent.